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Be A Buddy

Our hope is to inspire our customers to join us in being a buddy in our neighborhoods, communities and in our world.

Cookie Donation Program

Buddy's Cookies is committed to community service and has created our Be A Buddy donation program through which we donate cookies to first responders, Blue Star moms, teachers and other community heroes. We invite you to submit stories about people who are making a difference.. Every month we will choose one to receive a free bag of cookies. You are also welcome to donate cookies for community heroes and we will make sure they know they are appreciated! 

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Be a Buddy Pledge

We encourage you to take the following pledge to be a buddy in our community so that together we can make a positive change in our community and in our world. Please share your stories of being a buddy. 

I pledge to be a buddy and to be a faithful friend.

to defend those who are weaker and support them to the end. I pledge to encourage and to listen to be honest and be true to work hard, be dependable and excel in all things I do. I pledge to love others and to treat them all the same for all are made in God's image and name. 

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